The Anxiety Coaches Program - Calm Panic, PTSD, Fear & Depression via Lifestyle Changes and Relaxation

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Listen to audio courses, workshops, podcasts and more to get anxiety relief, end depression and find happiness. Gina Ryan and the Anxiety Coaches help you achieve success through experience and advice. She provides encouragement for personal growth by offering audio programs for panic attacks, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive, trauma and much more. Stop worrying and start working your way to a happy, joyous and free life through personal transformation.

This app is packed full of amazing features to help you reduce anxiety, have courage and face life without fear.

+ 1000+ audio tracks, 100+ hours of content
+ Daily featured audio content
+ Search and explore all content
+ Add to a favorites list
+ Listen while offline
+ Build a playlist of the tracks you want to hear
+ Read along with the text version
+ Sleep and meditation timer
+ Looping relaxation and meditation sounds (over 2.4 million combinations)
+ Daily inspiration notifications with powerful artwork to keep you motivated

This app includes hundreds of hours of amazing content for XXXXXXX:

+ What To Avoid On Your Anxiety Clearing Journey
+ Using Meditation And Mindfulness To Clear Your Anxiety For Life
+ Understanding Nutrition, Physiology and Anxiety
+ Tools for Healing Anxiety For Life
+ Tips and Tools to Help You On Your Way Out Of Anxiety
+ Listener Questions And Answers for Anxiety
+ Interviews With The Experts On Anxiety Relief
+ How to Deal With Relationship, Social, and Health Anxiety
+ The Anxiety Coach - Introduction Audio Programs
+ Freeing Yourself From Anxiety - The Basics
+ Anxiety Wisdom And Inspiration Corner

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