Anxiety Daily Guides

Daily Inspirational Guides for Anxiety, Fears & Depression

Listen to a collection of the best daily inspiring recordings for getting rid of anxiety, fears and depression! MindMekka is here to teach you how to ask for help when you need it and give you pain and stress relief strategies to ease your anxiety. Know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, so nothing is being "fixed" here. These recordings are the understanding friend that all people who suffer from anxiety need in their lives.

A Day Spent Depressed, Frustrated, And Angry Is Still Worth Living

Anxiety Relief Strategies Working For Me Today To Eliminate 95of The Anxiety I Used To Experience

Creating No More Pain And Suffering For Myself Is My First Responsibility Each Day

Depression Relief Strategies Working For Me Today

Do Not Make It Worse And "ask For Help" Are Two Power Thoughts That Help Me Through My Most Challenging Days

Don't Make Things Worse Is A Phrase That Saves My Life Today

Fear And Anxiety Last Minutes For Me If I Stop And Look At Them Or Days If I Do Not

Freedom From Fear Available Now

Getting Out Of Stress, Anxiety, Pain, And Suffering Into Peace, Love, And Serenity

How Can I Be Happy When A Problem Is Overwhelming Me

How I Accept Pain And Get Natural Relief From Pain

How I Changed My Past From Bringing Pain To Bringing Gratitude

How To Deal With The Death Of A Friend

How To Know Tough Emotions Like Depression, Fear, And Anxiety Will Go Away?

I Am Never Upset For The Reason I Think I Am

If You Are In A Lose:lose World Where The Choice Is Between The Lesser Of Two Evils, You Can Ask For A Way Out Of This World And Enter A World Of Win:win

It Is Not What Is Done To Me That Causes The Most Pain. It Is The Stories I Tell About It That Hurt The Most

The Fear I Have Of Doing Anything New Is Ridiculous! Seeing It Allows Me To Overcome It

The Help You Need Is Always Right In Front Of You

The It Will Be Better When Trap

The Mood I Am For Now Is Neutral With A Background Of Peace, Love, And Joy. When A Good Or Bad Mood Comes, I Do Not Take It Too Seriously

There Is No Avoiding Life's Difficulties And I Have Learned I Can Get Through Mine Faster

There Is Nothing Wrong With You

There's Nothing Wrong With Being A Little Depressed

Wanting And Waiting For Happiness In The Future Made Me Misable A Lot Of My Life

What Causes Anger And How Do I Get Instant Relief Today From Being Angry?

What Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger!

What Is The Easiest Way To Get Out Of Anger, Fear, Depression, And Any Suffering In Your Life?

When Disaster Happens, It Is Easy To See The Pain Of Not Accepting The Past And Trying To Make The Future Clear

When Feeling Lost And Confused, How Do I Return To Feeling Peaceful?

When I Started Believing In Death, I Lost My Life. When I Stopped Believing In Death, I Got It Back

When You Are Having A Hard Time, Know That You Are Not Alone!

When You Feel Sad, How Do You Feel Better? Here Is What Works For Me

Why Do We Punish Ourselves

Why Is It So Easy To Solve Other People's Problems And So Hard To Solve My Own?

You Are Never Alone With Your Problems Because Someone Else Is Struggling With Almost The Same Thing You Are Right Now

You Can Make Use Of Your Mistakes, Failures, And Pain By Helping Others Struggling With Them Today

You Do Not Have To Be Alone With Your Problems Today

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