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Daily Inspirational Guides for Happiness & Life Success

Find yourself smiling from ear to ear after learning how to live your best life! Even when it seems like obstacles are coming at you full force, remember that you are in charge of your own happiness, but you just might need a little help. MindMekka helps you love and embrace who you, drop the habit of complaints and find gratitude for all that you have, and to reach your full potential as a great friend, coworker, boss, or loved one. Try to have a bad day after listening to these tracks, we dare

90 % Of Success In My Life Is Just Showing Up.

A Few Simple Rules For Helping Other People

A Life Lived Free Of Getting In My Own Way Is One Where I Can Reach My Full Potential

Any Salvation Possible In The Future Is Available Now

Anytime I Am Having Trouble With Someone Else's Behavior It Is Always Because I Do Not Want To Look At How I Am Acting

Ask To Be Useful Each Day And Life Will Give You The Tools You Need To Help People

Attacks And Criticism Give Me Everything I Need To Improve

Awkward Silence No Longer Exists For Me

Being Free Of The Basic Instinct To Complain When Anything Is Wrong Is A Miracle

Being Grateful For The Bad Things That Almost Happen Gives Me Joy Each Day

Being Grateful For The Good Things That Are And The Bad Things That Are Not Happening

Being Trustworthy Makes It Easier To Trust Others

Changing From Great Expectations To Gratitude

Coming Out Of Denial That A Problem Exists Is The First Step To A Solution

Evidence Will Always Be Found For That Which Is Believed

Expect Nothing And Everything Is Awesome

Failing Is Okay And Great For Learning!

Gratitude Is Here For Me Now

Having Fun Without Consequences Is Possible

Honesty And Effort Instead Of Success And Failure

How Can You See That You Already Have Everything You Need Today?

How I Found Happiness In Life By Seeing Beyond And Into Death

How I Get Through Not Liking How I Feel And Stopped Trying To Change It

How Is Life Fair And Resetting To Zero

How To Live For Today One Day At A Time And Live For Tomorrow

How To Make Life Easier By Living One Day At A Time

I Am Not Responsible For My First Thought Today

It Never Is Anyone Else. It Always Is About My Reaction

Living As A Means To An End Versus Feeling This Moment

Many Of The Best Parts Of My Life Were Found And Built In Times Of Struggle

Most Of My Life I Learned Only New Ways To Live Like A Baby. Today I Know Everything Is Okay No Matter What

Most Of What Happens In Life Is Good. Our Default Programming Is To Focus Mostly On The Bad

No Act Of Kindness, No Matter How Small, Is Ever Wasted

No Patience Is Needed To Be Where You Are

Notice Anytime You Start To Disagree

Observer Effect

Success = Failure

Tears Of Gratitude! Was Yesterday A Good Day Or A Bad Day?

The "i Will Be Happen When" Trap

The Best Revenge Is Living Well

The Four Basic Problems Are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, And Tired

The Idea Of Making It Is An Illusion

The Information I Consume Is Just As Important As The Food I Eat

The Judgmental Thoughts I Have Are A Reflection Of What I Have Learned And Not Who I Am

The Life Used To Be Great And Now It Is Not Story

The Word Always Is One I Have Mostly Eliminated From My Vocabulary

There Is Nothing I Can Get That Would Make Me Any Happier

There Is Nothing We Have That We Can Keep

Today Find The Gratitude You Have For Being Alive Right Now!

What Greater Treasures Can We Have Than Faith, Courage, And Love?

What Happens To Me Is Much Less Important Than How I React To It

What I Believe About The World I Am Living In Creates It

What I Give Is What I Receive

What Is The Worst Thing In Life And How To Deal With It

What Makes Me Rage In Call Of Duty Black Ops 3

When You Can See The Insanity Of Arguing With How Life Is This Moment, Then You Can Be Free Of It

Why I Stopped Giving Advice To Other People And Started Looking At What I Should Do

Why Is It So Hard To Ask For Help And What Can You Do About It?

With A Good Attitude, The Things I Want Are Given To Me

Words Have The Power Of Life And Death Which Is Why I Try To Use Mine To Bring Life And Communicate Love

You Are Not A Klutz! You Are Just In A Hurry

You Cannot Give What You Do Not Have, Especially As A Parent

You Have The Right To Be Happy With What You Have Done At The End Of The Day

You Will Have What You Need When You Need It And You Might Not Have It Until Then!

Your Choices Now Are More Full Of Life Than Any Plan Made In The Past

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