5 Minutes Daily AA Speaker Tapes for Alcoholics Anonymous

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Listen to short 5 minute "nuggets" of experience strength and hope from thousands of AA speakers around the world. Start by reading a powerful and motivating inspiration message then take a pause in your day for 5 minutes to hear another member of Alcoholics Anonymous share what it was like and how it works today.

You love AA speaker tapes, but sometimes you only have 5 minutes to spare. This is the app for you.

JUST 5 MINUTES DAILY: Pause for 5 minutes each day, once a day, whenever is convenient, and listen to an amazing AA speaker track and get your daily fill of recovery. Sometimes doing something small, every day, consistently, makes a big difference. You know, just like attending meetings, calling your sponsor or helping another alcoholic in need.

ADD TO YOUR DAILY PRACTICE: The steps and meetings are essential. Meditation and prayer really works. The AA Big Book, Daily Reflections and tons of other literature you've got a ton of tools in your Alcoholics Anonymous tool box. Add this one and use it every morning and you'll see a change in your life. More gratitude. More compassion. More patience. More calm and serenity.

THE BEST AA SPEAKERS: We've done the hard work of curating the best speaker tapes from Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and workshops and sliced out little 5 minute nuggets of sober genius. Wherever you are at this moment is exactly where you are supposed to be and an AA speaker always seems to touch on just the perfect thing. Whether letting go and letting god. Helping out the newcomer. Working the 12 steps in all areas of your life. Or just listening for direction from a higher power. This app will take you down a spiritual path of happy destiny.

What do you need to focus your 12 step program of recovery on today?


Trust members of Alcoholics Anonymous who have been through what you're going through. Whether life is going you way or life is nothing but problems. Take 5 minutes out of your day to listen to an AA speaker share their experience and the message of recovery.

You might say, 5 minutes, that’s not enough time to make any real progress. But that’s just not true. 5 minutes is probably 5 times longer than what you’re doing right now.

Here's how it works:

1) Get a daily motivational notification
2) Open the app and see a beautiful inspiration image
3) Listen to an AA speaker share an important and inspiring message
4) Read your daily challenge and just do it
5) Feel great and pass it on

DAILY PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGES ARE EASY - Drink 3 cups of water, stretch as soon as you wake up, say hi to someone you don’t know, take a short walk at lunch, call your mom and more like that. Habit research shows that in order to build a healthy habit you also have to break down unhealthy ones. Part of that means building a habit of doing healthy things. So even if your goal isn’t to drink 3 cups of water per day, doing activities like that, every day, will dramatically shift your mindset and you’ll naturally begin doing bad habits less and good habits more.

DAILY INSPIRATION QUOTES ARE EMPOWERING - Whether you think they are silly or not, the fact is that they work. Here is an example: “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” When you read this, you’re brain chemistry actually alters and you become more open to experiencing magic that day.

DAILY AA PERSONAL STORIES & EXPERIENCES HELP - When you listen to a personal story from someone that has actually experienced a challenge and overcome that challenge, or worked a problem and solved that problem, or achieved a goal and helped another alcoholic, you will be able to create the same results for yourself.

These short and powerful 5 minute AA speaker bursts of recovery cover just about every topic in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our stories of recovery and how we learned to live sober and let go of our harmful behaviors and character defects are amazing. Like Bill W. and Dr. Bob practiced in the early days of AA -- one alcoholic to another -- sharing our experiences -- we can grow into happy, joyous and free members of society. Give it a try.

5 minute AA speakers is guaranteed to make your life better & guaranteed to be the one app you open up every single day for 5 minutes. That’s it. Try it and be amazed at your progress in just a few days. You’re going to love it!

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