Happiness, Goals, Self Worth, Confidence & Career Courses by Tom Cassidy

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Audio courses, workshops & programs for happiness, goals, confidence, career success, making money and having the life you want and more from Tom Cassidy.
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As featured on Udemy, Tom Cassidy is a comprehensivist, education reformer, reasonable polymath, using continuous development frameworks to help people improve all areas of their lives: self-worth, self-belief, goal-achieving, feeling good, achieving sustainable health and deeply fulfilling relationships. His mantra is: 'Feel Good. Do Stuff.'

Life's not about meditating on the top of a mountain in Nepal, feeling great, achieving enlightenment for yourself; and it's definitely not about going through life doing things, without having awareness, being busy, achieving a lot but not being mindful of the bigger picture. It's about both. Feel good. Do Stuff. Tom’s courses help you feel great about yourself, about life, the universe and everything, but do loads of things as well. Have a family, run a business, learn Italian, travel the world, change the world - Do Stuff. Ask yourself, why not?

Tom has spent the last 25+ years combining the wisdom of hundreds of years of the study of global philosophies, human effectiveness, modern findings of behavioral science, recent breakthroughs in the understanding of brain physiology and even the results of quantum mechanics into practical, continuous development frameworks for getting things done. Systems based on practical algorithms of thought and of operation. Algorithms that are easy enough for most people to do just as they are, without having to change any aspect of their life. 'Reasonable Algorithms for Reasonable People.'

The most effective continuous development frameworks include:

* Autonomy - The framework is customizable, adaptable for every participant.
* Cadence - The framework has a natural rhythm to it, a cyclic frequency.
* Duration - The framework is designed for longitudinal impact and long term growth.

Tom Cassidy’s framework is very robust in its ability to get results, mostly because it requires a very small amount of willpower to make it work. People can stick to it quite effectively. You still need to do the work. But the willpower you need to get the results is almost certainly the lowest you've ever used for achieving anything in your life, ever.


Over 100 hours of amazing audio courses that work! Topics include:

* Having the Life You Want
* Emotional Support
* Being Happy
* Finding Your Purpose
* Reduce Stress
* Anxiety Relief
* End Depression
* Being Worthy
* Trusting Others
* Having Fun in Life
* Motivation & Inspiration
* Addiction & Recovery
* Personal Transformation
* Finding Your Career
* Self Confidence
* Staying Focused
* Life-Work Balance
* Confidence
* Gratitude and Compassion
* Empowerment
* Enjoying LIfe
* Goals
* Having Restful Sleep
* Meditation
* Hypnosis

And so much more!

NOTE: You get hours of FREE content and you everything for a monthly subscription or one-time fee for life.

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