Understand & Overcome Narcissistic Abuse & Toxic Relationships with Certified Life Coach Courses by Angie Atkinson

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My name is Angela Atkinson, and I'm a certified life coach, an author and a survivor of narcissistic abuse.

My mission is to help you to discover, understand and overcome the narcissistic abuse in your life, and to help you take your life from "just existing" to "really living." I spend my days working to help people who have experienced the emotional and mental devastation that comes with narcissistic abuse in these incredibly toxic relationships to (re)discover their true selves, stop the gaslighting and manipulation and move forward into their genuine desires - into a life that is exactly what they choose for themselves.

It's because of my own survivor status that I am so passionate about helping others to discover, understand and overcome the narcissistic abuse, PTSD/C-PTSD and other effects of this pervasive kind of toxic relationship

This app is free to download and includes over 100 hours of free audio programs, but you must subscribe or unlock to get all content (in-app purchase fees apply).

Audiojoy includes more than just self help audio content; this app from Angie Atkinson brings you audio courses that cover a wide range of self help topics.

This app is packed full of amazing features to help you grow as a person and have a great life:

+ Daily featured audio content
+ Search and explore all content
+ Add to a favorites list
+ Listen while offline
+ Build a playlist of the tracks you want to hear
+ Read along with the text version
+ Sleep and meditation timer
+ Looping relaxation and meditation sounds (over 2.4 million combinations)
+ Daily inspiration notifications with powerful artwork to keep you motivated

This app includes hundreds of hours of amazing content for dealing with narcissistic people or personal narcissism.

+ Affirmations & Meditations for Narcissistic Abuse Survivors
+ Bringing Sexy Back After Toxic Relationships
+ Co-Parenting with a Narcissist Parallel Parenting
+ Discovering Toxic Narcissists in Relationships
+ Divorce Court With a Narcissist
+ Healing Your Inner Child After Narcissistic Abuse and resources for #ACON (Adult Children of Narcissists)
+ Just for Men Narcissistic Abuse Recovery
+ Life After Narcissistic Abuse
+ Narcissistic Abuse Recovery, Support, and Coaching
+ Narcissistic Mothers
+ Narcissists and Smear Campaigns
+ Neuroscience of Personalities (Empath Training) and Psych Hacks
+ No Contact Help No Contact Tips, Hacks and Advice for Narcissistic Abuse Survivors
+ Overcome Narcissistic Abuse
+ Psychology and Body Language
+ PTSD And CPTSD In Narcissistic Abuse
+ Resources for Victims of Narcissism and NPD

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