Libby Seery

Libby Seery

LIBBY SEERY - Founder of Renaissance Life Therapies; Online Counselling and Psychotherapy: Specialist in the Therapeutic Use of Technology (BACP Endorsed)

I am a Psychotherapist, Counsellor, and Therapeutic Life Coach. I run a very successful practice in Harley Street, London which is recognised the world over as a centre of medical excellence.

I am a highly trained specialist with a wealth of experience, working with people from all walks of life; including referrals from charities I'm involved in, to very high profile clients from all over the world.

I am also the founder of Renaissance Life Therapies Training Academy, offering a number of courses in counselling, CBT and life coaching.

As well as my client work, I have had a number of works published and have appeared on TV and radio.

I also write and lecture in my subject, as well as training other doctors and counsellors in specialist areas of counsellors.


Content Packs


Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy - The Modern Effective Therapy System

Addiction Training

Addiction Training - Break Negative Patterns In Your Life

Art Therapy I

Art Therapy Drawing, Painting And Self-Exploration (Part 1)

Art Therapy II

Art Therapy Drawing, Painting And Self-Exploration (Part 2)

Body Language

Body Language Your Path To Success

Boost Your Memory

Brain Science: Improve Your Memory And Boost Your Memory

Career Training

Career Training Identify And Achieve Your Dream Job

CBT for Anxiety

CBT for Depression, Anxiety, Phobias And Panic Attacks

Be Successful in Life

How To Be Successful In Every Area Of Your Life

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Introduction To CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Life Coach Training

Life Coach Training Course Introduction To Life Coaching

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness Training Course

Yoga for Beginners

Online Yoga Course For Beginners

Confidence & Assertiveness

Self Confidence And Assertiveness Training

Happiness Science

The Science Of Happiness

Coaching Business

Start Up Your Own Coaching Business

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