We are a group of motivated, like-minded professionals who share a passion for education and an appreciation for the beauty of learning.

We believe that learning, when it occurs in a real sense, enriches not only its recipients but also those around them. This is what we strive for at MindMekka. Real learning that is affordable and accessible, anytime, anywhere. Real learning that translates into practical wisdom, which students can immediately apply to real life. We endeavour to create an environment that offers the richest forms of nourishment to our students, and rewards their time and financial investment to the fullest extent.

MindMekka aims to allow its students to become the best possible version of themselves. Our goal is not only to educate, but also to elevate, to motivate, to inspire.

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Content Packs

Injury-Free Running

Your Guide To Injury-Free Running: How To Be A Better Runner

Get More Done

Get More Done In Less Time With Effective Time Management

Financially Wise Children

Ways To Teach Your Children How To Be Financially Wise

Public Speaking

100 Power Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking

Entrepreneur Motivation

Online Entrepreneur Motivation Series

Anger Management

Anger Management Tips

Become A Genius

Become A Genius In 28 Days

Becoming Happier

Becoming 100% Happier

Becoming Happier Podcasts

Becoming Happier Podcasts

Being Your Own

Being Your Own Person

Building Trust

Building Trust Tips For Everyday Life

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement Tips

Dealing With Conflict

Dealing With Conflict Tips

Dealing With Setbacks

Dealing With Setbacks Tips

Family Lessons

Family Life Lessons You Should Learn

Get Healthier

Getting 25% Healthier Tips

Be Adventurous

How to Be More Adventurous

Stick With Your Goals

How To Stick With Your Goals And Resolutions

Emotional Intelligence

Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

Learn Like a Genius

Learn Like a Genius - Redifining What it Means to Learn

Dating & Relationships

Love, Dating And Relationships

Better Decisions

Making Better Decisions Tips

Online Reputation

Managing Your Online Reputation

Underpromise & Overdeliver

Underpromise and Overdeliver Tips & Rules

Setting Up Goals

Setting Up Goals - 10 Goals Of Successful People

Standing Out

Standing Out In Various Areas Of Your Life

Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated Tips For Every Day

Being Grateful

The Power of Being Grateful

Positive Thinking

Tune Your Mind To Positive Thinking

Increase Your Productivity

Ways To Increase Your Productivity

Working Less

Stop Working Long Hours - How To Do It

Sure-Fire Life Hacks

10 Sure-Fire Life Hacks to Boost Your Everyday Efficiency

Memory Hacks

10 Top Memory Hacks

Anxiety Daily Guides

Daily Inspirational Guides for Anxiety, Fears & Depression

Happiness Daily Guides

Daily Inspirational Guides for Happiness & Life Success

Health Daily Guides

Daily Inspirational Guides for Health, Wellness & Fitness

Career Daily Guides

Daily Inspirational Guides for Job, Career & Money

Meditation Daily Guides

Daily Inspirational Guides for Meditation, Mindfulness & Sleep

Motivation Daily Guides

Daily Inspirational Guides for Motivation & Inspiration

Parenting Daily Guides

Daily Inspirational Guides for Parenting, Family & Kids

Productivity Daily Guides

Daily Inspirational Guides for Productivity, Goals & Habits

Relationships Daily Guides

Daily Inspirational Guides for Relationships, Sex & Love

Self Help Daily Guides

Daily Inspirational Guides for Self Help & Recovery

Spirituality Daily Guides

Daily Inspirational Guides for Spirituality & Religion

Weight Loss Daily Guides

Daily Inspirational Guides for Weight Loss & Healthy Eating

Facing Your Fears

Audiobook - Fear is a Four Letter Word, Facing Your Fears

Rise of You Confidence

Audiobook - Rise of You - Building Self-Confidence

Developing Successful Habits

Developing Successful Habits for Your Professional Life

SMART Goal-Setting

SMART Goal-Setting for Success in Life & Business

Great First Impression

The 3 Keys to Making a Great First Impression

Month Success System

Winning Ways – 12 Month Personal Success System

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