The Anxiety Guy

The Anxiety Guy

Dennis is a certified NACBT Practitioner as well as an NLP Master Practioner (an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy that was created in the 1970's). Dennis is a top 10 iTunes podcaster, a self-help author, a top 10 anxiety blogger, and motivational speaker who has helped thousands of people worldwide.

In his mid 20's to early 30's Dennis lost many great relationships with people due to increased anxiety levels during social interactions, and fears of being judged wrongly by people. Dennis went completely broke and in debt due to the limited time he could put into his career as a professional tennis player and teaching pro.

During Dennis's recovery from chronic anxiety Dennis adopted a new mindset based around what worked for others in their anxiety recovery, as well as put together a 3 month plan based around CBT and NLP. Dennis's recovery story and practical teaching methods have helped over 1 million podcast listeners to date.

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Content Packs

Mental Clarity Challenge

21 Day Mental Clarity Challenge

Anxious Thought Patterns

Breaking Anxious Thought Patterns

Symptoms Of Anxiety

Causes and Symptoms Of Anxiety

Powerful Affirmations

Guided Meditation, Motivation & Powerful Affirmations


Health Anxiety (Hypochondria) Wellness Support & Relief

Insomnia Anxiety

How Long Days and Insomnia Affect Your Mental Health

Living with Anxiety

Living with Anxiety -- It's Not Easy. There is Hope

Personal Anxiety Stories

Personal Health Anxiety Stories of Recovery

Panic Attacks Solutions

Solutions for Panic Attacks

Anxious Brain

The Anxious Brain Unmasked

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