Listen to audio recovery workshops, AA Big Book study programs, 12 step speakers, NA Basic Text workshops and more recovery content to stop drinking, get clean or stop using drugs once and for all. The Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous 12 Step programs are proven ways to get clean and sober. If you can't get to a meeting, or want to dig deeper into AA or NA literature, Odomtology has compiled the best of the best audio content for you.

Never be alone without your sponsor or recovery help -- this app has everything you need to trudge the road of happy destiny. From relationships to spirituality, meetings to intense workshops, you will get everything you need for a new life here. We personally listen to, and approve of, every single speaker tape we post. This is what makes Odomtology 12-Step Recovery Media stand out. If you listen to one of our speakers, we can assure you it is entertaining, easy to listen to, and carries a strong message of recovery and hope!

A lot of it is the language on the app stores, but I think you guys did an amazing job summing up what we are about and what we have to offer!



Content Packs

12 & 12 Speakers

12 Steps & 12 Traditions - AA Speakers

AA Success Stories

Amazing and Inspirational Personal Success Stories - AA Speakers

Best NA Speakers

Best Narcotics Anonymous Speakers

Diving into Big Book Workshop

AA Workshop - Diving Into the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous by John K. and Michael K

Emotions and Willingness

Emotions, Willingness, Letting Go & Trust - AA Speakers

Getting Started with AA

Getting Started with Alcoholics Anonymous and Help for the Newcomer

Relationships in Recovery

Having Relationships in Recovery - AA Speakers

History of AA

History of Alcoholics Anonymous - AA Speakers

How to Recover Workshop

AA Workshop - How to Recover by Bob D.

Recovery for Families

Recovery for Families and Loved Ones - AA Speakers

Spirituality and Your Higher Power

Spirituality, Serenity, Meditation and Your Higher Power - AA Speakers

Sponsorship, Giving Back - AA

Sponsorship, Giving Back and Helping Others - AA Speakers

The Best LGBTQ

The Best LGBTQ, Foreign and Native American - AA Speakers

More AA Literature

The Big Book and More AA Literature - AA Speakers

Big Book Step by Step Workshop

AA Workshop - Big Book Step by Step by Bob D. and Scott L

Miracles of AA Workshop

AA Workshop - The Miracles of Alcoholics Anonymous by Bob D. and Kerry C

Women in AA

Women in Alcoholics Anonymous - AA Speakers

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