Lori Petro

Lori Petro

Lori Petro is a parent educator, child advocate, and the founder of TEACH through Love. She shares conscious parenting tips + tools to help you become the calm, confident parent you've always wanted to be by helping you create stronger relationships and more influence with your kids. Stop yelling, arguing, and handing out consequences that don't work. Subscribe and get these audios delivered right to your phone.

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Content Packs

Communicating Without Blame

Communicating Without Blame, Shame, Judgment or Guilt

Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting Basics

Fostering Healthy Sibling

Fostering Healthy Sibling and Peer Relationships

Helping Kids Manage Chores

Helping Kids Manage Chores, Routines, and Responsibilities

Family Anger Management

Helping Your Family Manage Anger and Stress

Making Sense of Toddlers

Making Sense of Toddlers and Preschoolers

Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Peaceful Conflict Resolution With Kids

Relationship With Your Child

Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Child

Understanding Your Child

Understanding Your Child's Behavior

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