Na'Shawn Jordan

Na'Shawn Jordan

Hello. My name is Na'Shawn W Jordan and I am a senior enrolled in my last semester of the 5 year Bachelor of Architecture at New Jersey Institute of Technology. My current degrees and certifications include an Associate Degree in Architectural Technology, Certification in Computer Aided Design (C.A.D.), Certified Shamanic Reiki Master. Most recently I've been accepted into Columbia University in New York City within its Earth Institute to earn a Certification in Conservation & Environmental Sustainability. I believe growing up in the theatrical, martial, & musical arts instilled within a unique discipline, understanding, and drive for success through artistic expression. During my grade school years I gained more than 12 years of Violin experience with achievements varying from state performance, teaching, to performing on both the Disney World Epcott stage as well as the Disneyland main stage. Most recently my digital art skills have been greatly refined through the many projects and program worked through in architectural studio at NJIT which makes up the majority of the highlighted works presented on this portfolio. Overall this unique combination of the arts result in many unique and artistic projects that can be enjoyed on multiple levels. After a long educational & spiritual transformation process I'm glad to teach you how be a better you.

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