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Listen to AA workshops, literature and speaker tapes to help you stay sober and stop your alcohol cravings. Whether you’re an old-timer, a newcomer or somewhere in between your recovery program is one of the most important aspects in your life. Getting and staying sober can be life or death for the alcoholic. It is heard in AA meetings, “Sometimes one day at a time and sometimes one minute at a time”. This supportive App is always available in times of distress or discouragement and will be there to advise, comfort, and encourage you on your journey in sobriety.

This resourceful App includes hundreds of hours of content on the disease of alcoholism, recovering and feeling fulfilled it, and as they say in the Big Book, learning how to be happy, joyous and free. You can’t fight the lonely and irrational disease of alcoholism alone. Working a recovery program requires support and when you can’t get to a meeting, read the big book, or talk to your sponsor, this App from Audiojoy is here for you to interact with in just moments. Listen to those who’ve been right where you’re at, delve into the Big Book, and read and experience the twelve-steps.

LISTEN AT YOUR OWN PACE – Whatever you may be going through, this App allows you to create your own playlist targeting specific needs and topics that are relatable to you. Listen to stories of hope and recovery and be inspired anytime you want. “Meeting makers make it” and if you can’t get to a meeting, let the meeting come to you by choosing from a list of hundreds of meetings to listen to.

FOLLOW THE LEADERS – Listen and learn from those that have succeeded in their recovery from alcoholism. Get input from the leading professionals in addictionology and hear the methods and strategies that have worked for thousands of recovering alcoholics.

TRY THE APP FREE -Download the App for free and listen to over 30 hours of free audio programs. To unlock and get all content, you’ll want to subscribe. (in-app purchase fees apply).

GET ON TRACK - Listen anytime and anywhere and stay grounded in your recovery. Recovery is simple, but not easy, so do yourself a favor and make it easier on yourself with Audiojoy.

This app is packed full of amazing features to help you recover and keep up with the al-anon community:

+ 1000+ audio tracks, 100+ hours of content
+ Daily featured audio content
+ Search and explore all content
+ Add to a favorites list
+ Listen while offline
+ Build a playlist of the tracks you want to hear
+ Read along with the text version
+ Sleep and meditation timer
+ Looping relaxation and meditation sounds (over 2.4 million combinations)
+ Daily inspiration notifications with powerful artwork to keep you motivated

Audiojoy creates educational, how-to content for happier lives. We believe everyone can develop the skills to be their best. Audiojoy makes it easy to put these techniques into practice, so you can master what you want and stop what you don’t. Download our apps, launch your own personal course or program, and start learning.

This app includes hundreds of hours of amazing content on drug abuse, recovery, alcoholics anonymous, and more. We add new stuff weekly. Here is a sample of audio content you will find:

+ 365 Days of 5-Minute Meditations and Mindfulness Practices
+ AA Big Book Personal Stories of Recovery Audio
+ Speaker Tapes from Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings
+ 4th Step Chapter 5 Big Book Study by Rick and Bob
+ AA Way of Life Using Traditions in Relationships by Dave & Polly
+ Finding Spirituality and Letting Go to a Higher Power by Mark H.
+ Hardcore Step Study; The Specific Order for a Reason by Paul F.
+ How to Recover from Alcoholism by Bob D.
+ Lack of Power is our Dilemma by Joe H.
+ The Most Important Parts of the Big Book - John K. & Michael K
+ Understanding and Living the AA 12 Concepts by Des T.

and much more...

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