Cynthia Shares a Guided Mindfulness Story and Gratitude Meditation

Welcome to this brand new day. Be proud of yourself for taking this window of time to focus on you first off make sure you are comfortable.

I like to sit cross-legged on the floor with my Palms facing up on my lap.

Now just close your eyes. Take a deep breath in. and exhale. feel yourself supported by the Earth. another deep breath in. and as you exhale release any tension you may be holding on to.

Again deep breath in and exhale. relax. feel the Stillness throughout your body. Clear your mind of any thoughts that are trying to come in. Just let them go. Let every thought that comes into your head leave every breath you exhale.

bring awareness to each breath. feel peace in your heart. feel peace and relaxation throughout your whole body.

Give gratitude to your heart for beating non-stop everyday. Give. Thanks to your amazing body.

Now give, thanks to all the wonderful things in your life your home family friends. Your job. What else are you thankful for?

Feel your gratitude with every ounce of your soul. You are truly blessed. Now carry this feeling of gratitude and love with you. as you imagine yourself standing. In a beautiful garden. surrounded by Lush flowers and trees.

Gratitude and self expression can be a great part of your meditation practice — learn to ask your inner self what you are grateful for, who do you respect and what makes you tick and how you fit into this amazing universe.

Peeking through the leaves you can see the ocean. And the waves lapping up on the white sand. As you walk through the beautiful garden you notice an image of yourself sitting on a bench. This image of you is the exact version of yourself you strive to be. You smile as you walk up to this version of yourself?

What does this ideal version of you look like?

What are they wearing?

How do they carry themselves?

What successes do they enjoy?

What is their quality of life?

This version of you has already accomplished all of the goals you have set out for. Now ask them. What choices and decisions do I have to make today in order to accomplish my goals?

Who do I have to become order to become the best me I can be.

You thank the ideal version of you for their wise words. Now you have the wisdom and the power from within be the best you you can be. It’s time to leave your garden, but tell yourself you will be back soon.

Bring awareness back into your body your heart your breath the light that surrounds you. Think of all the things you plan on doing today. In picture yourself moving through the day and envision every detail of the day. Going better than you could ever imagine. No matter what you’re faced with you handle it with the utmost confidence and dignity the universe is out to do you good, and you make the most out of every situation.

In order to live your best life you need to be your best self. There are no problems. Just opportunities. Every day is a brand new chance to be your best yet today right now in this moment you are alive, and you have all the energy and passion you need. Feeling refreshed calm and confident place your hands over your heart.

Thank yourself. Thank the universe. Now open your eyes, maybe get a pen and paper and jot down some advice he received from your higher self and then get out there and have yourself an absolutely wonderful day.