Get Coached on Life Coaching!

There are a lot of misconceptions about life coaching. As a newcomer to the field myself, I wasn’t even sure where to start. Thankfully, two of my favorite experts in the field, Joeel and Natalie Rivera, have put together a helpful guide for those of us just starting on this exciting career path. Boy, was I surprised at how much responsibility there was! Having gone through dozens and dozens of self-help courses and even had some life coaching myself, I thought I would be prepared. I wasn’t. This course gave me an invaluable tool for learning how to approach life coaching as a career. Not only that, it helped me decide if it was a career I even wanted to pursue in the first place.

What makes this particular program great is how Joeel and Natalie walk you through every single aspect of the job, from both what the job entails as far as helping people, and how to approach it as a business — after all, it’s hard to help people when you can’t afford to eat. It’s nice to find something all-inclusive like this. A lot of times, you can find courses that approach it from the helping people side or the business side, but it’s rare to find both.

It’s also rare to find people with so much experience in this field willing to share their experiences like this. That really helps give them credibility. They not only help people through their life coaching, but also help potential life coaches. I’ll admit that I questioned embarking on this career at times over the course, but, in the end, I realized that there’s nothing I’d rather do more. That’s entirely due to these two. It may not be as easy as I initially thought, but that’s what makes it so worth doing.

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Content Review by: Alison Morgan