James Walks Us Through a Quick Body Scan Guided Meditation to Help You Connect With Your Breathing

Welcome to this short 5-minute hourglass meditation.

So start off by sitting up straight in your chair and connecting your feet to the Earth. Lower your eyelids or completely shut your eyes. Begin to notice what you’re bringing into this space. What’s with you at the moment? thoughts feelings emotions.

See if you can remain present. And allow anything that happened to you before this session to remain outside.

Under the same time anything that’s going to happen to you after this session. Leave that outside, too. Just be present. Fill the space around you.

Do you notice any tension in your body? Any areas that feel little tenser? Could you breathe some compassion into that area maybe loosen it a little?

Not begin to hone your concentration to your breath.

Allow your attention to narrow in. But don’t change your breath in any way just notice it. It goes in and out.

perhaps notice the space in between the breaths.

How long is it?

Being mindful of your breath is a basic meditation technique that is simple, but not easy. Doing a body scan and trying to sense the movement of air as it flows through your lungs and nose is a good way to connect and center yourself.

Perhaps notice when the air hits the inside of your nostrils. Where does per happen where do you first notice the breath?

Can you pinpoint the exact place where you first notice the breath?

See if you can follow a breath down. In through your nostrils and into your lungs. Notice how it feeds your body.

Notice how without this your body would die.

See if you can become grateful for that breath. Notice, how amazing it is.

You mind will become distracted you will start to think about other things in this is perfectly normal.

Greet each thought and thank it. For enhancing your mindfulness practice as you disengage from it. And bring your attention back to your breath.

As you continue to follow your breath.

See if you can follow one all the way in. And then all the way back out again. Notice the place where you last Feel the sensation of the breath.

Now start to widen your awareness again. Bring it out to your entire body. This is it feel any different.

Are there any areas which is still tense? Can you loosen them a little? You breathe compassion into them.

Notice your thoughts feelings and emotions again. Do you feel any different? And when you’re ready open your eyes.

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