I didn’t realize how adventurous I was until I listened to this!

It goes without saying that in today’s modern society, it is very easy to get sucked into mundane routines that seem to drain the color from our lives. Not to mention we all seem to get caught up in the game and the illusion so much that we seem to lose our ability to be playful and enjoy life. Lately, I have felt like I have been lacking because my life on the surface doesn’t match up with everybody else’s. After listening to the content in this audio course, I have realized that I have simply been taking life a little too seriously, and simply need to see myself adventurous and playful. I am a writer, so my job doesn’t involve much conventionally exciting activities, however, I get to learn new things every day and communicate with humans all over the world on the internet. As a musician, I have the opportunities to share myself with others on and off the stage. As a group leader, I am stepping into places within and without myself that I never thought I would. It seems that my life is much more adventurous than I give myself credit for, and I didn’t realize it until I listened to this.

I really enjoyed how it addressed that being adventurous doesn’t always mean ‘doing something dangerous,’ but rather, can be something as simple as stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and talking to a pretty girl or handsome guy. I felt that this audio package not only inspired me to be more aware of my adventurous nature in my life but also encouraged me to act on my adventurous impulses and stop paying so much mind to my insecurities and fears that stifle me.

It is difficult in this day and age, to find the courage to do things that go against social norms and old programming, however, in doing so we open ourselves up to the world of magic that lies beyond our mind’s eye. This really encouraged me to continue in my pursuit of living an adventurous life, and I highly suggest that you take a few minutes out of your day and give it a listen!

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