Out with the medication and In with the meditation!

Before I was introduced to holistic healing and tapping into my body’s natural ability to heal itself through proper nutrition and energy cultivation, I was much like the rest of you who would pop a Tylenol for headaches, seek out some Hydrocodone for my “unbearable” aches and pains, or even use other substances to curb the unpleasant sensations. A current example in my personal life is my grandmother. She is constantly battling joint aches and pains that wear her down, and while the opiates seem to help numb the pain and ease her sense of angst, she is absent-minded, spacey, and very loopy all the time.

In recent years, I have become an advocate for simply drinking ample amounts of water when I have a headache, however, there are some headaches that will put you on your butt faster than you blink. In fact, sometimes the blinking just makes it worse! When I came across this collection of meditations, I won’t lie, I was a little skeptical. “How can meditation heal my physical pains?” I have only ever used meditation for spiritual expansion and emotional healing, I hadn’t considered the idea that it can also be used for physical healing, however, when you consider the fact that every aspect of your being is connected, it starts to make more sense.

I put these meditations to the test, and while it doesn’t necessarily work right away or work every single time, I did notice a difference in not only the sensations of the pain but my perception of the pain as well. Meditation, in and of itself, is about self-awareness, acceptance, tolerance, and self-love – not control. So, when you let go of trying to control your pain with these meditations, you open yourself up to allowing the pain to be as it is, and as crazy as it sounds, the pain stops bugging you as much. Meditation has many stigmas attached to it in our Western culture, but human beings are waking up to more holistic methods of healing, and this, my friends, is a wonderful method that will assist you in alleviating your aches and pains without turning to substances or prescription drugs to distract you from it.

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