What do you listen to be?

How often do you actually listen? I mean really listen for a purpose. Have you ever considered listening to BE something? After all, we’re human beings, not human doings. Listening is an essential and often underestimated skill that can help you BE whatever you want to BE and however you want.

Do you want to be more appreciated? Do you want to be grateful? Do you want to be someone that people respect? Do you want to be a better parent? A better partner? A better friend? If you stop and think about it, I bet there are a ton of things you want to be that you’re probably not being. We’re all so busy, focused, dedicated, hard working, and all that we sometimes lose track of our real purpose in life — life is about being not doing or having.

Here is some inspiration.




Tell us in the comments what you want to be. Tell us what you listen to that can help you be that. Audiojoy can help you be everything you want to be.

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