A Must-have Course for Newbie Life Coaches

The idea life coaching as a viable business has gained lots of traction lately. Since I had attended a course on life coaching and knew the broad strokes of it, I thought why not make some extra money off life coaching. However, me knowing the basics of life coaching was not gonna cut it, I needed a guidance on how to set up and conduct my life coaching business properly to see my business goals come to fruition. So, after scavenging the internet looking for a course or a book on the topic, I stumbled upon Libby Seery’s audio course and it saved me!

The course is relatively comprehensive, Libby Seery, a successful life coach herself, starts the course off with a number lectures on what life coaching is and how it is different from therapy. After that, Libby explains the basic skills and attributes of a life coach, which I found out were active listening and questioning. I took an immediate liking to her lecture on how to be a client-centered life coach, and how doing so would enable me to get more clients and have sustainable relationships with them. Clean Language Model and the SMART models are illustrated with clarity in the following lectures. I especially loved Libby’s use of cases, which has helped me reinforce my understanding of the models above. Libby also illustrated the case of life coaching Jenna while applying the SMART model. Following the lectures on the basic skills and attributes a life coach should master and the models, Libby zeroes on the life coach business itself. The last lectures deal with the dos and don’ts of a life coaching business, how to market yourself effectively, and how much to charge. Coaching in the 21st century entails learning new skills and attributes, and Libby dedicated a whole lecture to that, which was a boon to me, personally. Libby wraps up her course with lectures on how to coach international clients and to stay healthy in order to avoid burn-outs.

Overall, this course on life coaching basics is nothing short of comprehensive. Libby’s style of teaching and the real life cases she employs in the course makes this course a joy for anyone. The course has not only lived up to my expectations but also surpassed them. And it is the only audio courses on the basics of life coaching I can vouch for and would not be in two minds about recommending. Great course for life coaches, who are looking to get their life coaching business off the ground!

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Audio Program by: Libby Seery | Review by: Bill Miller