Curious about lucid dreaming and astral projection? Look no further!

For most of us, lucid dreams usually happen when we least expect it. We will be experiencing a dream when all of a sudden, we decide to look at our hands or try to turn on a light switch, and we realize that we are in a dream. For myself, I have become lucid in dreams where I have chosen to meditate and then began flying the dream space.

I had one dream where once I looked at my hands, I entered a psychedelic dimension full of fractals, beautiful images, and inexplicable colors. Lucid dreaming truly is a practice of mental and spiritual freedom and one that many of us are not only ill-equipped to do, but are afraid to do because it challenges our perception of reality.

If you are interested in challenging your perception of reality and are curious about the realms of the fourth dimension and the capacity of your imagination, I highly suggest that you give this audio program a try. This collection of meditations and short hypnosis courses will assist you in reaching deep states of lucid relaxation where you can leave your body fearlessly and explore undiscovered realms within and without yourself.

I have been dabbling in the astral projection hypnosis programs that can be found within this app, and I always find that I can never leave my body fully because of my fear and my knowledge that is attached to this 3-dimensional reality.

For many of us, to experience such things challenges our sense of reality so wholeheartedly that it seems like it would turn our sense of reality on its head – and it does.

However, this isn’t something to be feared, and in all reality, it is something that brings us back to our childlike sense of wonder, awe, innocence, and fearlessness.

My lucid dreams have only happened when I least expect them, but I am truly excited to continue practicing with the meditations included in this audio program in order to gain more awareness and control over my mind so that I can unleash my boundless imagination and creativity. You can do the same.

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