I’ll never waste my time making someone else rich again

I didn’t mean to get stuck in a job that I hated. It was only supposed to be an avenue to a better position at another company — a specific one. When the second job didn’t pan out, I found myself trapped in a monotonous occupation with little to no chance for advancement. If that’s not the definition of a dead-end job, then what is?

Libby Seery is a life coach who has an innate ability to get to the point. I appreciated that she didn’t beat around the bush. When she titles a section “What is a Dream Job,” she doesn’t ask a whole bunch of rhetorical questions, expecting us to figure it out for ourselves. She gets straight to the point and puts her answer out there in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

As she goes on to explain, my dream job may be torture for someone else. The idea is to figure out what you love to do, and try to find ways to make that thing profitable. It may mean working for yourself or simply taking on a different position at some company or another, but whatever it is, it must bring you joy. That involved a very short list as far as I was concerned. But I settled on just a couple things and started doing my research.

The funny thing was, it was not that difficult to find a way to make money doing what I would do anyway — for free. My particular dream job was to earn money online, working in a home-based business. I’m not sure if I’ve figured out how to become rich, but I have apparently found the key to my own happiness.

Much of the rest of the material in Seery’s audio course is focused on nailing interviews, compiling resumes, and doing other things that job seekers must do. It wasn’t all pertinent to my career, but I can definitely see it being helpful to anyone whose dream job doesn’t include working at home. If you’re stuck in neutral and dreading getting up for work in the mornings, try this audio course. You’ve already lost enough time, and they’re not making any more of that.

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Audio Program by: Libby Seery Review by: Margareth Mann