Meditate your way into healthy and fulfilling relationships

It goes without saying, not only are relationships what we all strive for in our lives as human beings, but they can also be the most nerve-racking things as well! This is obviously because relationships usher us into a state of unparalleled vulnerability and nakedness that can feel dangerous because of the possibility of getting hurt, but that is also the greatest thing about relationships. In today’s age, we now have dating websites, dating apps, and other mediums where we can meet others who are looking for a relationship, however, the fact that it is one of our greatest desires doesn’t change the fact that it can be daunting as hell to get into the game.

Along with the dating apps and websites, we now also have apps such as Audiojoy that can provide us with tools, tips, and tricks to help us more easily navigate through our days and live more fulfilling lives. I just recently got out of a relationship with the woman of my wildest dreams (if you are wondering, yes, I fucked it up), and I wish that I had had this resource when I was lost in my pain to bring me back.

The material in here is not just for those in relationships, but there are also tracks for those looking to date, those who just got out of the relationship, those who are looking to get over their ex, and even those looking to get back together with their ex. Needless to say, these meditations will rock your world in terms of boosting your self-confidence as an attractive human being and will assist you in healing any pains that hinder you from taking your relationships to the next level.

At this point, if you have come this far in seeking out meditation as a possible solution to your pains and lack of self-confidence, then you are ahead of the game. This collection of audio recordings has everything that one would need to be successful in their relationships, and I am personally excited to see just how much it improves my relationships and my ability to cultivate successful and fulfilling ones.

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