Resolving conflict is much simpler than we think

I think it goes without saying that we all experience conflict in our lives. As beings who thrive on relationship and connection, it is impossible to engage in communion with others without encountering conflict. This audio course from MindMekka does a great job of painting an accurate picture of what conflict is, how it can be resolved or left alone in a healthy manner, and how the dimension of conflict looks and behaves within many different facets of our lives.

While some people thrive on being right, seeking out and winning arguments, and diving head first into drama, most of us do our best to avoid conflict and the stress that inherently comes along with it. However, many of us have simply not been equipped with the proper tools to be able to handle conflict, and as such, stumble over how we think we should act, behave, and process a conflict when we find ourselves in one.

This information may feel like common sense, and it may seem like it is stuff that we know without learning, but it is something we learn and implement through self-awareness and practice.

One of the hardest things for most people is that we don’t like, as well as don’t know how to take responsibility for ourselves in a conflict.

It has almost become second-nature to automatically place the blame elsewhere and justify our means as victims to the slaughter, however, this mindset and behavior only creates more resistance and conflict, and propels us deeper into the turbulent maelstrom that is conflict. If you are a leader in the workplace, a parent, or just someone looking to improve their conflict resolution skills and awareness, this audio program is a short and sweet journey full of vital information that will assist you in moving through conflict more fluidly.

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Content Review by Rita Holmes