Does Self Improvement Have to Be So Much… Work?

Sometimes improving yourself feels like moving boulders. A lot of the tools and resources available, and there are a ton, seem to require a lot of work to get value. It’s funny, because many of us look to these tools just to lift weight from our shoulders, not to pile it on. So why are so many of the resources out there for self-improvement so complex and bloated?

From apps to Youtube channels, to articles, courses, workshops, trainers, mentors and everything in between — we are getting input overload and are being asked to do so many things — can’t we just keep it simple?

Let’s start with apps, since that’s what we do at Audiojoy. Look at the hundreds of meditation apps out there. Most of them aren’t just a list of meditations. They are step by step, 30 days of training, how to, check-ins and every other activity you might think of to get you hooked. But for most people it just takes 5 minutes soothing sounds to actually learn to meditate. And the habit apps? Oh, they are chock full of features. Choose your habit, set you daily reminders, read an article about this habit or that, listen to someone tell you not to do your habit, track your habit results, look at charts, get 4 or 5 notifications daily telling you not to forget to do your habit and so on. It’s a lot, and it’s almost annoying.

What About an App that is Designed to Do Very Little and Let You Focus on the Self Improvement?

It would be a lie to say that Audiojoy is the exact opposite, there is a ton of stuff in our apps too. But we do try to keep it simple, focus on giving you the audio content you want and nothing else. But we still think there is a place for something simpler. Something you can use every day, don’t have to think about, pop in for a few minutes and then your done.

This is the idea behind our new app DailyBurst. Really, it’s dead simple. Get on notification per day with an inspirational quote. Open the app and see a beautiful photo, listen to 3-5 minutes of advice and discover your simply daily challenge which is easy to accomplish but will probably be a bit outside of your comfort zone. Do your challenge or don’t do — it doesn’t matter. That’s it. The next day you get the same thing (different quote, different photo, different advice and different simple challenge.

It’s a different approach. The idea is to give people the basics and let them change their life on their own time. Literally 5 minutes, once a day and a little stepping outside your comfort zone and you’ll be amazed at how much you want to improve yourself.

After all, it’s called Self Improvement not Self Improve Me

Sure, you’ve gotta put in some time to get some results. The old adage, half measures availed us nothing is true. But improving one’s life can be more organic can’t it. If we commit to the goal of being better, maybe its just about doing a little bit every day and being patient.

Download it free and give it a try — let us know what you think. Daily Burst, your little self improvement pocket buddy… in… your pocket.